There are a number of reasons that sex is so free and easy in this society.

In the “s the Hippies preached, “IF it feels good, Do it!”   Love love love all you need is love.

But they had kids out of wedlock, and some of those kids are in “divorced” units because of the lack of commitment.  Another reason it is so easy to get sex is because girls today don’t have parents to guard them from men who are our to please themselves and vise versa. Arranged marriages were the thing of the past and so again, you didn’t see the spouse to be in such circumstances as would permit having sex. So.. now people in the “heat of the moment” have no safe guards in place to protect them…  Protection IS a loving thing. Now the only safe guard is one’s ‘self’ and how safe is that when one’s self is “weak”?  That is why DivorceCare videos promote group situations for your future… or thinking ahead how not to be alone… etc. And of course the ENEMY of the SOUL has laid years of ground work to promote a perverted view of sex and satisfaction…. so much so that men could sing, “I don’t get no, satisfaction, I don’t get no, girly action… and I try… and I try and I try and I try……   And this was a HIT on the public radio.