Recommended Reading: RUNAWAY EMOTIONS by Jeff Schreve

Runaway Emotions: Why You Feel the Way You Do and What God Wants You to Do About It by [Schreve, Jeff]

If we pay attention to the alarms in our lives, they could save us.

Worry. Anger. Loneliness. Negative emotions are uncomfortable by design. Like any good fire alarm, they alert us to a greater danger. But they won’t help us if we try to cover them up, hide them behind excuses, or assume they will always plague us.

The only healthy way to manage negative emotions is to find their source and address the problem that set them off. As pastor Jeff Schreve says, “A specific and compelling message can be found in each of your negative, painful emotions. God Himself is trying to speak to you through those emotions—right now.”

So what is God saying? How can we understand our emotions—even change them? Schreve shows how the truth of the Bible can make sense of our confusion. The power of the Holy Spirit can lead us to freedom, and Jesus Christ can give us true peace in the midst of any crisis.

You don’t have to let your emotions run away with you, your family, or your future.

For the Best in Christian Influence in the Home upon your children… or possibly a wayward spouse?

One of Two Best resources for “best practice” in Christian Family Living! ( 2nd is Family Life Today) Both in our listening area, found on WFIL 560 AM dial, as well as WBYN 107.5 FM dial, look at their program schedule. I thank God we still have freedom to choose what we wish to listen to in America. There is little excuse in America for not hearing the “truth” when radio is so accessible. Do you know about air-wave censorship across the ocean? Of course if you are Following someone else or absorbed in other media, one may miss out on the treasures found here!


Focus on the Family
Call 1-800-232-6459 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459)

When Suffering Enters Your Door

When Suffering Enters Your Door by Paul David Tripp
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Are you in a moment of suffering right now? Are you close to someone facing hardship?The Bible says that suffering should not take us by surprise; it is the universal experience of every human being. But many Christians are confused and unprepared when suffering enters their door.

I’m excited to announce that we recently released a new video curriculum to deal with these issues. When Suffering Enters Your Door is a four-session study that provides biblical answers to practical questions like, “Why does God allow suffering?” “How do I suffer well?” and “How do I help someone in the middle of a trial?”


We want to get this curriculum into your hands, so we are offering the suffering material for 50% off the retail price. You can purchase the DVD for only $24.95 or download the digital video for only $19.95.The curriculum comes with a free leader’s guide and discussion guide, making it ideal for small groups, bible studies, and training courses.


Are you prepared for when suffering enters your door? It is my prayer that this curriculum will ready your soul and equip you to be an agent of comfort.God bless

Paul David Tripp

Copyright © 2014 Paul Tripp Ministries, All rights reserved. CONTACT US:Paul Tripp Ministries, Inc.
7214 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19135 info


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Recommended reading for Men: Fight: Winning the Battles That Matter Most

Fight: Winning the Battles That Matter MostFight: Winning the Battles That Matter Most
by Craig Groeschel

Author and pastor Craig Groeschel helps you uncover who you really are – a man created in the image of God with a warrior’s heart – and how to fight the good fight for what’s right. You will find the strength to fight the battles you know you need to fight – the ones that determine the state of your heart, the quality of your marriage, and the spiritual health of your family.

Craig will also look at examples from the Bible, including our good buddy Samson. Yep, the dude with the rippling biceps and hippie hair and a thing for Delilah. You may be surprised how much we have in common with this guy. By looking at his life, you’ll learn how to defeat the demons that make strong men weak. You’ll become who God made you to be: A man who knows how to fight for what’s right. And don’t you dare show up for this fight unarmed. Learn how to fight with faith, with prayer, and with the Word of God It’s time to fight like a man. For God’s Sake, FIGHT.

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Book for women: Your Beautiful Purpose

Your Beautiful PurposeYour Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson

Popular Radio Host Shows Women How to Embrace God’s Unique Call for Their Life

Listeners to Susie Larson’s radio show and women she meets at events across the country tell her the same thing: I want to do something meaningful for God, but I don’t know what to do, or how.

Drawing on her own hard-earned experiences, Larson shows readers how to overcome insecurities, busyness, and other obstacles in order to focus their gifts and passions on their unique God-assignment. With biblical insights and inspiring stories from a variety of women, this action-oriented guide will speak to every woman who has felt a nudge from God – from the visionary who wants to end poverty to the empty-nest mom who feels called to help the young single mother next door.


God Doesn’t Care if I Steal

My friend Andrew once stole a candy bar from a gas station. He told me later that day, “Dude, it’s cool. Don’t worry about it, Jesus forgives me; he washes away all my sins.” That sort of logic is pretty hard to argue with, until you realize that Paul was dealing with the same thing.

I remembered this quote of his from Galatians “For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love” (Galatians 5:13).

The temptation to use God’s forgiveness as a carte blanche is an old one, but it’s dangerous and subtle. Stealing a candy bar might feel like living in freedom, but it’s actually living in slavery to your sinful ways. God’s forgiveness is a gift, not a loophole.

I was really mad at Andrew, I told him he was wrong, but when I look at the second part of what is written in Galatians, I’m not sure I see myself: “Use your freedom to serve one another in love.”

I may not abuse my freedom to justify stealing candy, but I’m not sure I use my freedom to serve those around me either. I’m often satisfied with not doing the wrong thing, even though I may not be doing the right things. As hard as it is to abstain from evil, it is much more difficult to step into goodness.


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Food For Thought

What are You Feeding Your Soul?… Which Wolf is winning?…


Are you Feeding the right Wolf?


The Two Wolves Within

An old Cherokee told his grandson
‘Two wolves rage within us,

One is Evil, it has many names:
Anger, envy, jealousy,
Sorrow, regret, greed,
Arrogance, self-pity, guilt,
Resentment, inferiority, lies,
False-pride, superiority and ego.

The other is Good, it has many hues:
Joy, peace, love, hope,
Serenity, humility, kindness,
Benevolence, empathy, generosity,
Truth, compassion and faith.’

The grandson thought for a minute
And asked: ‘Which Wolf wins?’
The Cherokee simply replied:
‘The one you feed!’
Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright©: Zoya Zaidi



Barriers to Real…….

James MacDonald – Senior Pastor – Harvest Bible Chapel

You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them.
—Exodus 20:4-5

When we allow anything to accumulate on the table of our heart and mind, occupying our time and attention in a worshipful way—that’s a problem. But sweeping all of those things off the table so only God remains as the object of our worship aligns with our ultimate reality. We are for Him, breathing for Him, living for Him, and spending our lives for Him. God in the center of our attention is the essence of worship.

The second commandment reminds us we have a capacity for creating idols and false gods: “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them.” Creating an idol isn’t just carving or molding an image. More often it’s placing godlike values on something that can’t possibly accomplish what only God can do. Whenever we worship what is created instead of our Creator, we end up with nothing but trouble. The warning in this commandment is one of the reasons we come to church: to sweep our idols off the table.

So what most often distracts our worship from God? We asked 100 people and here are the top five answers:

5. Our families. We can let our children or our spouse get in the place of God. Our families are our God-given primary responsibility; that’s why they can never come before Him. If we make them more important than God, we’ve failed in what He wants us to do for them!

4. Money and posessions. We easily worship things instead of God. Jesus said, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth . . . For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:19-21). When we worship God, we treasure Him and recognize His worth, but if we set our hearts on our treasure—our money, our posessions—it displaces God and we’re in trouble.

3. Sports figures and celebrities. We worship people when we think “Oh, if only I could be like him.” That’s worship. Do we recognize the convicting accuracy of a television program named American Idol? People are worshiping other people.

2. Our careers and accomplishments. We trust these fragile, temporal achievements to give our lives meaning and significance—the very qualities only God can supply.

1. Ourselves. We turn our needs and wants into our highest pursuit. When we won’t allow anyone, not even God, to get in the way of what we desire, we’re worshiping the idol in the mirror.

The discipline of worship is a deliberate act where we sweep clean the table of our hearts and remove all the false gods who would claim our worship. We gather with others in God’s presence and ask Him to burn away every worthless thing that would crowd out His rightful place. That’s worship at its best and it’s where God shows up in glory.

Read the five idol categories again. Where have you allowed something or someone to slip into God’s place in your life? Don’t hesitate—confess it and set that idol aside. Ask God to trigger a warning when the idol tempts you again. Thank Him for being the one true God in your life.

Barriers to Relationship….

Niceness Isn’t Always Nice


The price of always being nice …

1.     The “nice” person tends to create an atmosphere that keeps others from giving honest feedback.  This limits growth.

2.     The “nice” behavior leaves uncertainty in others in that they can not be sure of support in crisis situation that demand candor or in confrontation with others.

3.     “Nice” behavior stifles growth by depriving others level feedback and a “real” person to relate to.   This tends to force others to turn their aggression inward against themselves.  Guilt and depression can follow.

4.     The chronic “niceness” leaves others uncertain whether the relationship could withstand a conflict or sustain angry, spontaneous, confrontation.  Intimacy is limited by a felt need to be constantly on guard.

      5.      “Nice” guys are more subject to periodic rage explosions, which erupt                            unexpectedly when others are unprepared for it.

       6.     Physical ills can abound!

       Therefore, it’s not really nice to play nice!


A Search for Purple Cows: A True Story of Hope …… a must read for you who suffered similar and struggle with God’s view of you.

A wife and mother’s amazing journey from darkness into a life fully restored in God’s light.

A whimsical comment from a kind stranger, ‘Be sure to search for purple cows,’ brings hope to a woman and her children fleeing from a life filled with trouble. In A Search for Purple Cows, Susan Call reveals to the world how painful a relationship can be when love deteriorates into a cycle of abuse and betrayal. Her moving memoir chronicles how she first met her husband, a handsome, stylish, generous man with whom she worked. Eventually they fell in love, married, and had two children. Their life seemed idyllic — they had a beautiful home and everything a family could desire. But soon, inside those walls, Call was tormented by her husband’s alcoholism, domestic abuse, and infidelity that cast her family into a world fraught with fear and despair. God found her in the midst of her pain, and showed her, through the unlikely source of a Christian radio station, that a journey toward Him was possible even in the most unthinkable circumstances. Call eventually found the strength to move on and start anew. Written with candor and grace, A Search for Purple Cows will leave you laughing, crying, and believing that God is present and able, ready to bring hope and healing.

Organizations you can donate time to in order not stay within your 4 walls at home alone!

Kencrest – they work with mentally challenged and give them jobs.

National Parks – give tours

Senior Centers

Salvation Army Helping out with serving meals and all

retirement homes – these people have great stories to tell and sometimes they have no one to visit them

Church – work with the youth group

Operation Back pack – in Pottstown they collect food so kids can have food on the weekends and throughout the summer.  (Buy some extra microwave single serve meals, fruit roll ups etc. I can get you the list.)  They always need help with filling the back packs.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand – they need help throughout the year with different events in the Philadelphia area.

There are different homes for kids under 18 in the area that always need mentors or people to help with yard work, cleaning, tutoring etc.

If you need help getting in touch with anyone with any of these organizations let me know.  Maybe we can get a group together and do a project together!

Facing My Loneliness Chapter 5

Why is “Loneliness” so painful? What kinds of words come to your mind to describe “loneliness”? Do any of these words fit for you? Cold-empty-aloness, ugly, ‘cast aside’, abandoned, unloved, unimportant, not needed, outcast, rejected, worthless, or insignificant? Let me remind you, these are feelings that will not last, it is just a response to abandonment and isolation and exiting a relationship bringing about BIG dissappointment! It will not stay with you for ever, it is just a Feeling… Feelings come and they go! This WILL go!

In the meantime, how will you deal with it? Be wise in your choices of dealing with your pain. Whose voice will you going to listen to in your head? This is not the time to dull the pain in alcohol, food or drugs. (antidepression medicine is not a “drug”, it does not dull the pain.)Neither is it healthy to get into opposite sex friendships. It is not the time to hang out with people all the time so that you can’t think or feel. It is not the time to always keep busy.

This is a time to become ‘introspective’. It is an opportunity to look into who you really are and how you got here. Furthermore, what do you want to do with this opportuniy to do ANYTHING different in life! It is a learning long moment in time. What you are feeling, many others feel. In the future you will be able to bridge more gaps to others who are hurting through various life scenarios you learn about. God allows things that will enable us to serve Him in the furture, to be His heart to others. In the meantime, humble yourself, allow others to ‘love’ on you! Don’t hide away too long, and don’t hurt yourself by or in doing so. Make new friends, look for new adventures…take an interest in things, places, and people, that you never have before! New doors WILL open up to you! Life is an adventure with a multifaceted emotional ride! Jesus said He will stick closer then your very sister mother or brother. (That includes a spouse in marriage too) Get to KNOW Him… You have the time now. Talk to Him all through out the day. Present your questions and hurts and listen in your spirit for His in put. This is who brought you into this world..and now is the time to determine if He will be by your side as you walk through the rest of life into the exit even. I suggest Make God your Center…. How do you do that? Go to the Link and look for Go Tandem. Sign up and answer the questions… Hey, a New adventure! Serve others, being less self focused will help in your healing. I have another link for many ideas on ways to Volunteer… You cannot be bored or lonely if you take some of this advice! Jesus…. Be My Center….do you know that song? It is sweet.

Facing My Depression Chapter 4

What is depression? It is a normal natural response to loss. When you lose a personal relationship, this is as major a loss as you can have in life. Depression is the result! You can lose your home to fire and experience the very same depth of loss. The pain is the same! I know because I have experienced it. People and things we invest in, gone or taken from us are a loss. Our very Soul recoils in pain. Do not get down on yourself for this! Take care of your soul as you would your child…. Be gentle, it is on track towards healing.

Proverbs 13:12 says Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick.
Don’t believe those worthless “feelings”. In fact, Feelings lie at times! Some will tell you otherwise, but there is a difference between instinct or intuition, and “feelings”. You may feel that this will never end. But if you follow wisdom, you will heal and this too shall pass. One day you will look back and it will just be a ‘memory’. The feelings will have faded.

So, in seeking wisdom, read your book, do the homework, Center on Jesus, His plan, His love for us each as an individual. Take one day at a time, feel the pain, learn from it, if you are depressed more than four weeks and it is making you worse off, a bit of medication may be needed. It will not take away your pain or the feelings, but will buffer it so that you can manage your responsibilities a little better and “think” better.

Chart your feeling on a calendar or in your book. Watch The Lord act and orchestrate, in your life.

Jesus, be my Center. Amen


Those of you who took the Safe People class will probably recall that we “need relationship”, God made us for Relationship, not with only each other in a marriage! God made us part of “the spiritual Body” and it was noted that when we have lots of path-crossing Relationship exchange on the weekend, our Monday mornings are not BLUE BLAH MONDAYS! And this one tomorrow will not be.

We had some good relating this weekend. Friday night we just spur of the moment decided to go to the Douglassville Diner for salad bar.
Shortly after arrival we found Jay…eating by himself. We invited him to come to our table and visited until we were done desert! It was wonderful We had time to get to visit with him more.

Saturday morning we headed to the Vet, picked up meds, went for Star Bucks coffee, and headed out to That Pet Place in Centerville, with the dog. She wow-ed folks there with her “Prayer” stance! She can do what “Jango” on you tube does, (just search for the praying dog.) She is such a good dog. Then we got back on the road again and went to find Kelly. (She came Thursday nights all summer) She lives in a really neat old farm house in the farm hinterlands, among the Amish near Quarryville. It was an absolute delight to see her, make sure she was OK, well as OK as you can be in these circumstances… She was cleaning house in prep for company, so we helped. I did the sink of dishes, and Rick stuck wood matches in some holes and added bigger screws to put one of her doors hinges back in operation. It was a lovely visit of about two to three hours and we were back on the road again!

When we got home… Rick said, “That felt like a “date” we had today, I liked it!” I felt the same, and agreed with him! I decided to tell you-all about it because you all keep this distance like you don’t want to intrude on our “marriage”! Huh?! We love it! People… We might have each other, but that isn’t “all there is to life”. All relationships need a healthy mix of “other people” in their lives. We have met people who had no outside the marriage friends..let me tell, that’s NOT HEALTHY! We, Rick and I, get to talk everyday, and its very boring if we can’t say who we saw and what they had to say. We talk when we walk the dog, we talk when we meet up when I get home from work and while we eat…that is just about aplenty! After that, we do our own individual thing, work, internet, listen to radio sermons, speakers, programs, music, …sewing projects, stringing beads, all those things that need to be done, pet the cats, clean the house,… think about what God is teaching, showing and wanting us to do…and read those books too. Sometimes, that “other things” include “God’s little Interruptions, perhaps Relationship with You! It could be hearing you, encouraging you, sharing with you. We are well educated in how to take care of “our relationship” and still have time to include you. So please, don’t EVER again think that you are taking us away from “our time” together. We will manage that, you don’t need to! We aren’t that “in demand”! And if we were, we would go where we could not be found! We don’t have children, never did, so you can maybe see how that frees us up for the Need even, of other loving relationships.

Thank you Jay and Kelly for relationship this weekend!

Rick and DeEtta and in Kelly’s case, Heidi too!!!

Group Picture …………………..Help for those hurting from Separation and Divorce…… here, on the “The SunPorch”, is a peaceful place where the local DivorceCare Support Group meets, where the pain can be shared and maybe even a bit relieved. There is lots of caring, sharing, information, encouragement & fellowship, just to help you to take care of Yourself. For more information go to luvcuddlecats Meeting Address is: 320 E. Howard St. Stowe, PA. 19464. Phone:610-326-6726 See you soon, OK? (back of house)

Safe People! What,… Who, … When, … How? ……..Where are they?

I have to tell you how I love to see people grow! It just blesses my heart and gives me so much pleasure. Facilitating a group wayyyy out does the one-on-one counseling thing, because one could spend a years worth of time, seventeen years worth of time (some of you know what I am talking about), with one person and never see them grow,… or “get it”. But, in a group, the chances are far better that one or more people will break out of ‘bondage’ and take off in growth! That saying “No Pain No Gain” has a great deal of meaning and truth… and In a “group”, I see it and I am blessed  every time!  Thanks to all of you who have come in regular attendance, loyal to yourselves, in giving yourself what you needed, (the oxygen mask!) first in this matter of the heart and soul, so that you could be a better person in the future, making better choices from what you have learned!

Stars go on the mental pictured papers of Holly, Bill, Denise, Paula, Latoya, Donna, Lavon, Kelly, Lee ann…… you-all echo the lessons to one another now, teach each other,… sharpen and thus love one another… it is such a Beautiful thing! This is truly something worth calling “awesome”!  I think Jesus smiles down at you-all in your struggles and thanks the Father for drawling you to Him, through your pain. We hate the pain, but look what it has opened up for you & is teaching you! I see freedom in your footsteps, I hear His love speaking out… Love for yourself and others in the group!

Feel free to use this slate to remind each other what you learned and to call the others to this place when the events unfold that remind you what you learned. Use this even as a spot to post your favorite lessons learned so that when the memory fades you can return to freshen it, and others who didn’t catch the class of teachings, can learn from your words here below;

SELF INVENTORY: What did I contribute to the failure of this marriage?

I have sought out some web addresses from which you can assess your contributions by learning some things about yourself. Only when you do this work with paper and pen/pencil, all of it, will you have a better view of who you were in the relationship, how your actions or in-actions affected the relationship, or better said, what you did or neglected to do, (sins of commission or omission, Rick says!) will you be able to correct your future choices much better. As it was said in the meeting. Where was the education for relationship when we were growing up? Some of you got a class of car driving lessons! But no one got “RELATIONAL” directions. You are not dead yet! Now is the time to get those lessons. I have a class on “SAFE PEOPLE” I would love to provide for you if enough people express an interest to me, via email or in person. Go over to the side bar and ferret out  the following: