The Road to Healing/Finding Help chapter 2

Grieving your marriage is a pain not unlike death of a loved one. Do not avoid the pain! Embrace it, ask Jesus what you can learn from this kind of pain. Journal if you can, (see single page for short journal in workbook) Do you feel like a Failure? Do you feel like you are not worth anything?

  • Who will heal your broken heart?
  • Help! My negative thoughts are bringing me down
  • Divorce doesn’t define my life or my worth.
  • I have so many fears
  • Is God really here? Is He truly helping me?

These are the five days of devotion titles. Are you reading? How do you feel after reading these Biblical references? Did you read Lesia’s story?  Did you chart and date your short journal page? What is God’s message to you? Do you get how much God loves you?