A little deviation from Divorce is a MUST today because we have lost our Freedom of Speech in America> www.frankspeech.com

There is a three-day CYBER SYMPOSIUM pulled together by Mike Lindell, going on right now! I forgot about it and missed half of it! But Mike is saying send this information out and they will come here to see it. So I think he will have this valuable information on repeat or a link for which you can see/listen to it. The 2020 election was dishonest. Fraud is the manipulative factor that put the “biden” regime into place and they are ruining our country.
I missed half of it already but I hope to catch up! It is SO GOOD, He has many intelligent patriots on, lawyers, doctors etc. I do hope to get to see what I missed.

I think it is funny that I had to google to find it where I found a CNN comment saying Mike Lindell has this show happening at Frankspeech.com but no body goes there!!! That is so funny! But of course people go there!. I got there in time to hear an India Indian American speak. What he has gone through is so amazing.
I just heard a Dr. Shiva from Mass. was running for Senate…. He tells a story how he was taken out by Twitter who he has since learned is actually run by the government! He couldn’t get a lawyer because no one wanted to take on big government. So he studied the law himself and defended himself then!    He found the “Playbook” put together by the “ELITES” Dems & Republicans about how to take out anyone who is exposing the Truth. He believes he won the vote but was taken out. He found a “watchlist” with his name on it as well in his research! He has four ? degrees behind his name! He is a medical doctor and wants all to see his web site about the vaccine. He says it is not for everyone. He has put 40 years of work into the web site because he also learned about Natural remedies.
Dr Shiva’s website: http://www.truthfreedomhealth.com    I tried to get there but it is over-loaded! I guess CNN is wrong about how many people are watching frankspeech.com Big Techs are run by the Gov. Elite, they are not in charge! The Government elites tell them who to get rid of!

  This doctor says he has many other things he could do but he put himself out in order to save our country’s Freedom.
The elites want to destroy the economy of the USA for their plan.

Feel free to share with every and anyone I wish I had more addresses!


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