Online Divorcecare event “Surviving the Holidays” on Nov. 5th, 2020 Thursday nite 7-9 PM. Sign up!!

Welcome to DivorceCare! If you have never experienced this, you are in for a very good experience despite the pain, I promise. No one who has been through a whole course leaves feeling the same way they came in.
This will be ONLINE so you won’t have to wear a mask!
Are you dreading the upcoming Holidays?
I think we have some interesting ideas for you to get through them in a much different way than you may have thought you would after you put an idea or two into place. Come On then! JOIN US to watch, “SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS” for one night only. … Nov. 5th, 2020. That’s Thursday evening from 7 PM to 9 PM. right two days after the election. Surely you can’t forget now! This video will be followed up with a group discussion an opportunity to exchange ideas, ending with a prayer, and call it a night.
Then, consider staying with us for the next 13 weeks following as well.
There will also be a preview of things to come for which you will need a workbook to go… where you have never gone before! On a 13-week educational & supportive adventure! Unless of course, you have already been here before!

Sign up NOW! zip code 19464, look for Pottstown Bible church for the connection to Divorcecare on the Sunporch-ONLINE
The date is only 12 days away, or less depending on when you find this, better yet, It’s starting two days after the election! That should help you remember!


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