What is January teaching you? From Bloglovin

Your circle should want you to win. Your circle should clap the loudest when you have good news. If they don’t, get a new circle.” || Kristen shared this yesterday and hot dang, she’s right. But I want to say something about this: We aren’t all blessed with a great circle all the time. Two things: One, make sure you’re being someone you’d want in your own circle. And two: No circle is better than a crappy circle. If you’re circle has to be just you and your dog for a little bit, that’s okay! And it’s better than filling your life with people who aren’t cheering you on. Value yourself enough to shrink your circle when you need to. 
A bad hour doesn’t have to mean a bad day, a bad day doesn’t have to mean a bad week, a bad week doesn’t have to mean a bad month. ||
 Things can (and usually will) get better. Don’t mentally throw the whole month out over a bad day. 
Good childcare is worth every penny. || Jack’s nanny is a freaking gem. He loves her, she loves him, I no longer feel like the worst when I pull out of the driveway, and I know he’s safe the entire time I’m gone. This month especially, she’s been a lifesaver. She costs a lot more than I was paying before her, but I am not exaggerating when I say I would eat PB&J every night before I let her go. If you have a kid, I know how stressful childcare can be…but trust me, people like that are out there! Keep trying! 
I can never live up north. || It has been cold (I mean, Florida cold, but still – cold) and I HATE IT. Not that I was planning on jetting off to live somewhere cold anytime soon, but still, good to know. It ain’t for me. 
There is a direct correlation in the media I consume and the way I feel. || I feel like this is pretty much a “duh” kind of thing, but I paid extra attention to it this month. The days I listened to empowering podcasts and positive music were much better days for me. 
Time spent with people I love is always going to be my love language & always going to be worth any effort it takes. || Today, I’m hanging out with one of my best friends. In order to make this happen, we had to plan literal months in advance, she had to take the day off of work, and I have to pay someone to watch Jack. WORTH EVERY STINKIN’ BIT. 
Two things I heard this month that really struck a chord with me: 
“Givers have to set boundaries, because takers rarely will.” -my friend Joey 
“Just a reminder that Mary Oliver’s answer to her question, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” was to stroll idly through fields noting things. The question out of context could appear to be about achieving more – it’s not.” -Jessica Faith Kantrowitz
What is January teaching you? 


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