DivorceCare is beginning …

Again, in Pottstown on the SunPorch, Thursday February 7th 2019 7-9 PM

We are starting with seminar Video #1 “What is happening to me?”

If you are separated, divorcing, divorced or even been divorced quite a few

years but still feel a bit of pain or there are issues between you and the kids,

there is still maybe something within that needs to be healed…? Maybe it is

worth your investment to come and glean whatever you can for yourself.

Interested? Then call me or email and sign up! The only cost o you is a

workbook for $20.00.

Phone: 610-334-6946

email: luvcuddlecats@verizon.net

for extra insights see: https://www.facebook.com/Sunporchchat/


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