Very soon now, Thursday Feb 1 st @ 7PM we will begin the next round of 13 weekly seminar series of videos. To reserve a seat please sign up as we only have room for twelve, this keeps it comfortable, easy for all to share & know each other.
email: or go to plug in Pottstown zip code 19464, search for DivorceCare on the Sunporch or tell folks to go to go to FB search @Sacrificed4Selfishness and email from there!

There are videos here that I that I am not sure if they copied over to FB page or not. Which ever sight works, send anyone in need to the page!  Thank you I am sure all will be glad to learn more about this National Organization of DivorceCare.  Hope to hear from all who want to come soon!    Rick & DeEtta   A workbook will cost you $20.00, please come prepared!




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