I took an interest in this when I read all the many many explanations with in this email that was sent to me.  I like the “aggressive” words! If anyone uses them, let me know if you were or are happy with their aggression on YOUR behalf.

Ads related to local divorce attorney

Fewer Hours. Lower Cost. Real Help.

With Unbundled Legal Help™ services, you may be able to retain a divorce attorney for as low as $500-1500.

We work with divorce attorneys in Reading, PA that provide both full representation and unbundled legal services.

“Unbundled” means you hire the attorney to handle only specific tasks, such as preparing the court documents or entering a limited appearance, and then you handle parts of the case on your own to save money. Fewer billable hours means less cost.

To be connected with a divorce attorney that serves Reading, PA, complete the request form. Not every case is a match for unbundled legal services, so ask your provider attorney if unbundled is right for you.

Confidential. No Obligation.

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