Marriage and Divorce Resources

DivorceCare People: Check out these links below for more information before you move forward.

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Divorce is such a hot topic in our society that it is often hard to ignore. We have data that shows the divorce rate is as high as 50%. Whatever the reasons, divorce is a decision that should be made independent of emotions and with all implication considered, from financial to child custody. For this reason, my team of researchers and I have developed a guide to help those faced with divorce to take control of their situation and to make best choices. You can see the entire guide along with some of its features here:


Many publications and businesses use our guide as a trusted resource for their consumers. Here are a few examples:
Newport County Chamber of Commerce,, listing us as “Expertise Guide to Local Marketing”
Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce,, listing us as “Rank In Google and How to Fix Your Local Listings”

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Sherry Matamorosa

2 comments on “Marriage and Divorce Resources

  1. DeEtta,

    Yeah If I had know that 3.5 yrs ago it would have helped… I wish you all the best I will most likely moving out of the area due to my ex not allowing me to see my kids and my daughter is getting more violent with me…She either broke a bone in my hand yesterday afternoon or ruptured a tendon when she slammed the door on my hand with her entire body weight. I’m tired of being all alone, with friends in the area who want nothing to do with me since I’m going through a divorce…I’m the forbidden person even in my church…I can’t deal with it anymore…I’m tired of not living a life…If I stay here I may as well take a bottles of pills…no one would know the difference. So I think it is best if I move and try to start a new life even change my name if I have too I’m done, the kids don’t change and I’m tired of wasting my life waiting for the change. Rob has paid them off with everything…new I phones etc. I’m done. I’ve packed up most of Kiara’s room to sell, give away etc. Most of the stuff in my house will be for sale, if anyone is looking for anything or needs anything let me know. I wish you all the best… Kimberly

    Best regards,

    Kimberly Collins,


  2. Kim
    We are starting the Safe People class this week. It would be a very good one for you. We start Thursday 7pm as you know, you got the announcement.
    I hear your pain and feel only a small bit of the rejection. I was never a mother, so I will never totally get it. However, this much I do know. You will never get what you want by
    forcing it nor by allowing yourself to be a carpet for these to wipe their feet on. You have no power. You can only put this in the hands of God and yes, walk away. Move away? I don’t think that is smart at all. You need your job, you need your boss and friends, you might need a smaller apartment so you are not forking out money for rooms for these kids who do not want to be with you. You need to learn some things about loving Kim and taking care of Kim. Finding Safe people, being a safe person and so on. God knows your heart and it may take a lifetime for this to all work out. You will not be the first nor the last “mom” to suffer this kind of rejection because of the influence of power, money, or freedoms, offered a child. As you know, there are some familiar statements that perhaps you are ready to apply? “LET GO AND LET GOD”. You need to come to this class! But then, I cannot make have to chose what you are ready and willing to do for you. Its Your choice Sweetie, Are you ready to love and protect yourself and hand it ALL over?



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