“How do my boyfriend and I get past feeling guilty for “wanting” each other?” Belinda, FL

God created us to be attracted to each other and to desire physical intimacy; it’s a wonderful part of marriage. However, giving in to physical desire outside the protection of marriage is dangerous. To have a healthy, God-honoring relationship there must be accountability. Accountability means you are responsible or answerable to something or someone. The first thing I would suggest is group dating. Go out with a group rather than just the two of you. The chance of you getting into a compromising position in a group is unlikely and will hold you accountable. It is also a great way to really get to know someone. Next I would suggest avoiding at all cost being in a home together when no one else is around. This only sets you up for failure. In Philippians 3:3 Paul tells us to, “have no confidence in the flesh.” The final step would be for each of you to find an accountability partner. The accountability partner should be the same gender and mature in their faith in Jesus. That person should care about you enough to ask the tough questions and pray for you.


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