Ouch rejection hurts

Life in it’s daily turn of events , is full of teaching and learning events. How much are you aware of them?

Do you tune out the pain or the embarrassments and keep plunging full speed ahead?  Do you why God allows these issues in your life? Come really, do you have an answer? Do you think everything is the Enamy of our Soul doing this to us? Or do you turn to your TV to get away from it, or your food, or bury your nose in Face Book and constantly hunt and gaze  at emails and other social media? Or, maybe you are like me.. I shop!

Today I learned I did not get the extra job I wanted. Yep, I feel like crying a bit…just because my feelings are hurt that I was not “picked”.  However, my mind’s eye has turned it eye upward… to God the father whom I work for first. I feel that He is saying it is really OK…  You must curb your spending, you must rest better, you must take time to think of me and relate to me…and yes, have a healthier mine to work for me… I have other plans for you.

And so, I feel the pain…  the dissappointment and re-adjust my sails for the next appointment he has for me. I feel better… I am not being having a fit because things aren’t going my way…. matter of fact I am feeling more calm… I ake a deep sign and realizwe I will be happier about this later on tomoorw and even more so next week.

Thank you Lord that You control my future and want what is best for me.  amen.


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