Just how ‘humble’ are you?

in the trials of divorce… we are sometimes so focused on the difficulty our spouse has put us through… “why?” We even think how we would never do that!  We, after all were “committed”…. we even agreed that we weren’t perfect! We are even now traveling this new committed path to get healthy.

I am going to ask you, what about your walk tells others that this is true? Do you brush your teeth so your mouth is healthy? Do you try to take vitamins and eat somewhat right so that your body is healthy? Do you wear something good for your feet so that they get you where you want to go? What about your Spirit, Soul and your Mind?  When you come to DivorceCare, you are courageously seeking to take care of our Soul your Spirit and your Mind. This is vital for even those who are bound to beds and wheel chairs…,  just thank the good Lord if you are not there!

A friend of mine offered up a class for get more healthy food for their Souls. Only a few people sign up for this class. On the morning it was to start, my friend, set the lighting to comfort, put on the warmth, and prepared the place for sharing. None of the small group of three showed up.  Not a one of them called, emailed, texted, or came.  My friend figured that they probably forgot, slept in, or made other plans…. Well, perhaps on the other hand, these who wanted this were too busy for “commitment”. what do you think?  My friend offered  a new start to all via email. No one responded.

I think God feels like this all the time! How humble are you with Jesus in this sam kind of plight? Could you kneel at His feet and say.. “I am sorry…. I screwed up!”  Would you say to Him.. lets give it another try. Would you admit.. I need this!

Do you think the people of this above story, so proud that they can’t be humble enough to say, “I am sorry, I do want what is good for me! Please, lets give it a go again!”?  Or, will they cut off their noses to spite their face?   If the answer to this question is yes….. They have so much the more pain and much Jesus character to learn.

I affirm the ones who commit to self growth and healing, and commit to a group, and don’t let anything less important become the devils lair.  In ‘humility’ we find release, freedom and forgiveness, along with commitment to growth, when Jesus and humility become number One!


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