just an FYI, ….

In the process of trying to sign up with wordpress for a blog for the group of folks that I work with, I accidentally changed our

DivorceCare web site!  I was so dismayed and it has taken quite some time to get this “theme” back and several of the widgets to the

right of the page.   I had to get the emailed assistance of folks at wordpress.com.  Much of it is back…but the links are  GONE!  The

radio links, the volunteer links,  the video links etc.  I am not sure it is worth my effort to endeavor to find them as I don’t believe I ever

heard anyone mention going to them. So.. this note is to ask if anyone was liking them, is wanting them back or had used them.. Let

me know via email or comments.  >^..^<    Thank you!   DeEtta



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