… “I struggled with the art of conversation”….. I wanted to have friends and to have fun. To do so I knew that I would have to acquire better social skills….My motivation went into overdrive after my husband and I divorced. I realized that I’d have to start socializing if I wanted to meet anyone.”
Debra Fine

Included in these sessions:

-Domino’s & Communication (words are 7%, Tone 38%, Body Language 53%)

-The five levels of communication. Intimacy (into-me-see) the germs that wreck relationship.

followed by: the antibiotics that correct and grow relationship.

-Whining-no! (Anger- not productive, but it does tell you something is wrong.)

-Rules for “Fighting Fair”- (It takes Practice to fight fair)

-LUV Talk listen, understand, validate

-Good-bye to Shy by Leil Lowndes. (85 shy Busters I am NOT going over all!)

-Five Love Languages –What is /or are Your Love Language/s?

-Winning At Small Talk- Quiz,

-Gary Smalley Personality Types Inventory

-Our Mind Believes Anything We Tell It, -What you think, You Will become…

-How to Win Friends & Influence People

-How to Talk to Anybody about Anything, by Barbara Walters
Book Notes, and her Movie

-“Can We Talk?” (condensed from: You Just Don’t Understand)
by Deborah Tannen

-A piece from The Velveteen Rabbit

-A Letter From Men!

-Safe Talk Hand Out- Fears-What are we afraid of?

-The DNA of Relationship “button” triggers a great deal of communication

– Spiritual Gifts & their usage in Relationships GOD designed us for relationship.

-How to Express Your Individuality

-How to Practice Random Acts of Kindness- Communicating & Relating to others

-Communication & Relational growth, Volunteering, a great way to practice the
skills you have learned.

-Inventory- work to do here, (play music to lend to quiet and ability to think)

-Character Traits- Will you pick a mate of lesser caliber of character?

-The Two Wolves Within

(Don’t Rescue People; Only help People help themselves. Don’t Confuse your Battles with your Wars…)

-Dr Friday’s rules

-Body Language



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