The Sure Cure for Worry: Learning to Trust God No Matter What Happens by George Foreman

The Sure Cure for Worry: Learning to Trust God No Matter What HappensThe Sure Cure for Worry: Learning to Trust God No Matter What Happens by George Foreman

What Is the Key to Living without Fear?

As you look ahead to tomorrow, it is hard not to worry – about financial pressures, family issues, problems at work and so much more. You may even feel helpless as worry threatens to drain your life of joy. But there is good news.

“We must keep trusting God, even when the world looks out of control, knowing that He is in charge and will take care of every situation that worries us.”;

Bestselling author Kent Crockett explains how God can guide you, even now, along His chosen path, without your realizing it – from the circumstances you face to the people you meet – to accomplish His plan. Crockett reveals the two necessities that enable you to face the future without fear: believing that God is in control and learning to let Him guide you. The Sure Cure for Worry helps you to do both so you can live one day at a time, release your problems to God and live life to the fullest.

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One comment on “The Sure Cure for Worry: Learning to Trust God No Matter What Happens by George Foreman

  1. I think that this is one of the most difficult thing to do….to trust God when things look impossible, bleak, dark, hopeless. Especially when you are recovering from a major life trauma like separation/divorce. Personally, my opinion is that the only way to do this is, unfortunately, practice. You have to see that God is faithful and can be trusted for yourself. If you are like me, my husband leaving me was, at the time, the worst thing that could ever happen. Through the 5+ years since then, God has showed me time and time again how faithful He is. I cannot dispute it. Even though bad things still happen….this is life in a fallen world…..I am learning SLOWLY to trust in Him. I have tried reading, watching, listening etc etc trying to make the empty, hopeless worry go away but when it comes down to it, the only thing that truly works is experience. Don’t get me wrong, reading good books etc helps you get the Truth into your brain. However, to truly believe enough to trust Him…you have to walk through the storm. Now, I can look back and see how God has carried me through and been faithful. I can take responsibility for my own mistakes. And, when I am thinking correctly, I can look forward and say “God, I don’t know what is going on or why, but I know you will be faithful and work all things for my good….even if I don’t see it for a long time”.
    So, hang in there and learn to look forward to see how God will be there for you in your next problem. Learn to look for the miracles…even the small ones. Then you will learn to not worry so much. That is a miracle in itself.



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