Camped at the Train Wreck By Diane Moss, January 2013


The train has been derailed. It has been crumpled and crushed.


There are sharp pieces and pain all around.




I hear a Voice calling, “Come out into the light – Come, let me bind your wounds.”




I crawl out, barely able to move my limbs or ask for help.


He hears my feeble cry and patiently, faithfully puts the oil of Love, Joy and Forgiveness on my grievous wounds – the wounds of bitterness, unforgiveness, and fear.




Slowly the wounds heal, and the scars soften.




Bitterness and pain, coldness and rejection had torn and distorted my heart.




In their place the Great Redeemer is planting Love, Forgiveness and Hope; fragile, easily discouraged, yet ever growing, they soothe the pain and ease the hurt.




“Move on! Don’t camp at the train wreck.” This is the advice of well-meaning friends.




But here I stay, camped at the train wreck that is our marriage.




Why do I stay camped here? With the pain of rejection and the continueing statements that I am not loved in front of me?




I stay, camped at the train wreckage, because I believe my Husband is trapped inside the twisted darkness.




I believe that The Redeemer who called me out and is still healing my wounds is also calling him.




I believe my feeble attempts to hold out the precious gift of forgiveness, and my halting, stumbling efforts to change are a tiny tool in the hands of the Great Hound of Heaven, who is searching the train wreck that was our marriage for the man trapped there.




I am camped at the train wreck.



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