Would you please post this on the blog for me I think it would be good for all… My evangelist friend sent it to me and I think it would be good for the group…Title (optional)

Lord I thank you for the trial I am going through.  I don’t understand it but I know you are too wise to make a mistake and too loving to be unkind.  I will not become bitter.  I praise you the glory and lifter of my head.  I know that you are leading me right now to the greatest opportunity of my life because your plans for me are greater than anything my mind could possible conceive.  I thank you for the heartaches trials difficulties uncertainties.  I lean on you GOD Lord Jesus.  You are my fortress my high tower my shield my buckler my strength my Savior.  You alone are my GOD my king and my redeemer!!!! I praise exalt and worship your Holy Name!!!!! Thank you for Loving me!!!!!
Thanks!!!!!!    Donna 


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