bifurcation divorce in pennsylvania – Google Search

bifurcation divorce in pennsylvania – Google Search.

I was listening to an archived New Life program dated December 19, 2013   ( follow link if you want to hear any on the subjects below…) The one that this post is about, is that this man wanted to date and said he couldn’t afford a divorce. This “bifurcation” idea was offered up. I have never heard of this. So it is  worth posting because I bet some of you never have either! Now there is no excuse for dating before divorce, because one cannot afford to get divorced!  Change the Owners card!


Caller Questions:

  1. Should I let my brother move in with me after his divorce? He uses drugs. 
  2. Is there a way to offset depression every time I get bronchitis? 
  3. How can I socialize with people who oppose the way I vote? 
  4. Am I holding myself back from God using me because of my sinful past? 
  5. Is it OK to divorce my mentally and verbally abusive husband? 
  6. Can I date if I can’t afford to divorce my wife who left me 7yrs ago for another man? 
  7. What else can I do to help my 31yo daughter stay clean and sober? 


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