Men give away Cuddling Kisses Hugs and Whispers of Sweet Nothings, for Sex.

Women give away Sex, in exchange for Cuddling Kisses Hugs and Whispers of Sweet Nothings.

Girl… you say, “Oh what I wouldn’t do for a hug tonight!

Well…. He quietly thinks to himself,  “what I wouldn’t do for a climax tonight!”

Girls, is it, I ask,  right you should get your satisfaction met and he, not?

Be ye “Kind” and “Safe” to one another… for this is Real “Love”…

..In group one of our gals very recently was painfully honest and open about her past,

her testimony is priceless and sad. She asked her now soon to be X-husband of  more then 25 yrs,…

” Would you have married me if I had not of given you sex before marriage?” 

His answer. “Probably not.”  

Had she have held to this boundary, chances are she would have married a man who truly would have been

committed to her and her children… or never married at all, which would have spared her this particular pain.

Is “sex” worth all this?  I am not against sex! But it isn’t all its cracked up to be either! It is a very very

temporary high. It is not the premise upon which we should marry or date.  Sex is the Blessing of a harvest of

Truth and God’s kind of Love. However, Satan has deceived many today… Through songs, movies, porn, lies,

deceit, books, philosophy, immorality, rebellion, selfishness, self-centeredness, jealousy, disobedience,

carelessness, evil ploys, and wickedness. (what is wickedness?)  Broad is the way that leads to destruction!

Satan is all about destroy happiness, family, love…hurt the people, keep them from God!  Yeah Jesus died for

them, but no, lets keep them from Him! “Yeah, another one bites the dust!” the Enemy of our Soul says.

Narrow is the way to doing what is right, it is lonely except for Jesus companionship ans that of others

following Him. Only this route will get you to the true home-run! the Holy Spirit says.

Sex… sex…. Sex yeah lets think about sex.

One comment on “Sex… sex…. Sex yeah lets think about sex.

  1. I know it is said to stay pure till your wedding night. But really how many actually do. I only know of one couple that stayed pure till marriage.

    Speaking of my family history going back at least 4 generations. All got married because they were prego and stayed married. I on the other hand, am the first to ever file for Divorce. Just saying.



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