Chapter 10: Single Sexuality

Chapter 10: Single Sexuality

If you find yourself tempted, ask God to speak to your heart. Ultimately, He’s who you’ll have to answer to. And if you place your trust in Him, I know that you will find Him faithful; faithful to you and faithful to His plan for you life. Don’t miss Him and miss His best for you.

If you become involved in a sexual relationship with someone you are not married to, or even if you decide to begin dating before you are divorced, you’ll likely start realizing that you are hiding from just about everyone. We talked about Adam and Eve in the garden, after they had given in to their temptation, tried to “hide” from God. If you truly believe that God is in this, why are you hiding? Why are you hiding from family, hiding from friends who care about you- you’re probably even trying to hide from God.

We talked a little before about rebounding, even in the Finance video discussion. Rebounding from the pain and trying to make ourselves feel better by buying stuff; clothing, jewelry, a new car. It’s often the same situation with our newly single sexuality. We’ve been rejected by the one person who promised that they wouldn’t– the one person that we counted on to be by our side. Wasn’t I (fill in the blank) enough? And it cuts us to the core. But what we really need, despite the recommendations of others, is to focus on ourselves and get comfortable in our singleness, be open to what God is teaching us, heal up from this hurt, and leave all that baggage behind, rather than bringing that into a new relationship.

Here’s my point- indulgence in a sexual relationship outside of marriage results in, most important to this discussion, a screwed-up relationship with God. Sure, you reject the friends and family that disagree with you, and have counseled against this, and eventually you’ll find other “friends” who won’t challenge you in your walk– friends who “just accept you”- yes, it’s easy to find replacements like that; the path of least resistance and all. “I’ll surround myself with people who make me feel good about my sin.” Nobody would admit to that, but thats what we do. These sorts of “friends” are all around us. But, you won’t be able to silence God’s voice. How long can you ignore that?

I don’t know how long I could hold out, either, so please know that we have a real heart of compassion for you. But please also know that I’m praying for you all that God’s grace would abound to you and that YOU would abound in grace, too.


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