Chapter 9 Kidcare

This years group, Fall 2013, had the best open, honest, self revealing and admission discussion I have ever heard in my five years of part-taking of this class! I am so proud of all of you! You heard the video, your eyes were opened and you searched your Souls and saw where you can improve. God Bless you! Your children will love you and respect you for using what you learned, especially as they are grown up!

I personally cannot imagine which is worse. To have a parent leave and rarely if ever see them, or to be shuffled back and forth house to home always having to remember what toy, or personal belonging one wants with you at all times or at the other “home”. They have to learn early what we learn about carrying our “stuff” to and from school or work everyday. It must be a little like being on the road all the time, and no break to rest and not have to think about these things.

The take home message in this lesson: Children want you back together… they want their God given parents together again, so be careful what you do that might feed that hope. And number two, they think it is their fault that mom and and dad have fought and split up.

Please go to the BLOG ROLL and watch a short video, (concept by Ron Deal Author of SMART STEP-FAMILIES) HOW KIDS SEE DIVORCE see Video one of our DivorceCare groups made

For more information about step family life and you might be thinking about doing this, you MUST get educated first!


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