Chapter 8 Financial Survival

Financial Survival is your goal, Just keeping a roof over your head is scary and for-most. One has to look at what is absolutely important. Shopping,for things to make you feel better is NOT the way to go! Seek out and stop the automatic expenditures that can be stopped. Hair coloring, Cable TV, eating out, magazine subscriptions, nails getting done, clothes shopping, a new car… all things that are out! It is time to start thinking like the poorest of people think. Eating less expensively, but healthy is a thought. Cut eating out, buying coffee out, eating junk food out… You would be surprised what you can get at the grocery store and make at a better price for yourself.

As difficult as it is for some of us to share our living space, it may be time to do just that. On the Blog we have a very fine written, and really was used sample of a room for rent ad. JL, (Jay) is a school teacher and used this ad himself to get in renters. Go to the search box and search for “Financial” to gather articles relating and including his ad.

Perhaps other members can comment as to what they did to save extra money in their efforts at Survival!


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