Facing My Loneliness Chapter 5

Why is “Loneliness” so painful? What kinds of words come to your mind to describe “loneliness”? Do any of these words fit for you? Cold-empty-aloness, ugly, ‘cast aside’, abandoned, unloved, unimportant, not needed, outcast, rejected, worthless, or insignificant? Let me remind you, these are feelings that will not last, it is just a response to abandonment and isolation and exiting a relationship bringing about BIG dissappointment! It will not stay with you for ever, it is just a Feeling… Feelings come and they go! This WILL go!

In the meantime, how will you deal with it? Be wise in your choices of dealing with your pain. Whose voice will you going to listen to in your head? This is not the time to dull the pain in alcohol, food or drugs. (antidepression medicine is not a “drug”, it does not dull the pain.)Neither is it healthy to get into opposite sex friendships. It is not the time to hang out with people all the time so that you can’t think or feel. It is not the time to always keep busy.

This is a time to become ‘introspective’. It is an opportunity to look into who you really are and how you got here. Furthermore, what do you want to do with this opportuniy to do ANYTHING different in life! It is a learning long moment in time. What you are feeling, many others feel. In the future you will be able to bridge more gaps to others who are hurting through various life scenarios you learn about. God allows things that will enable us to serve Him in the furture, to be His heart to others. In the meantime, humble yourself, allow others to ‘love’ on you! Don’t hide away too long, and don’t hurt yourself by or in doing so. Make new friends, look for new adventures…take an interest in things, places, and people, that you never have before! New doors WILL open up to you! Life is an adventure with a multifaceted emotional ride! Jesus said He will stick closer then your very sister mother or brother. (That includes a spouse in marriage too) Get to KNOW Him… You have the time now. Talk to Him all through out the day. Present your questions and hurts and listen in your spirit for His in put. This is who brought you into this world..and now is the time to determine if He will be by your side as you walk through the rest of life into the exit even. I suggest Make God your Center…. How do you do that? Go to the Link and look for Go Tandem. Sign up and answer the questions… Hey, a New adventure! Serve others, being less self focused will help in your healing. I have another link for many ideas on ways to Volunteer… You cannot be bored or lonely if you take some of this advice! Jesus…. Be My Center….do you know that song? It is sweet.


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