DivorceCare Experts

We have just begun Chapter 1  What is Happening to Me?

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the wonderful people you will meet on the

Screen. They are listed in the front of you book. Please do yourself a favor and get familiar with their 

names. If you listen to Christian radio, you will hear these names on different programs. Amoung them are 

authors, doctors, counselors, teachers and more.

Another section that is of great value is page ix, Group Guidelines. Then look over xii, HOW SOLID IS MY 

CENTER? your “CENTER” will be referred to frequently.

So, what is happening to you? What are you observing about you physical body now? How is your mind 

and what is going on in there? Are you devoid of emotion or drowning in a sea of them?  Look at your work 

book, make notes perhaps what you recall from video. Go to the On My Own daily Bible study and read and 

answer theComments, Bible references, and questions. You will learn so much! Think about developing 

your CENTER.

Go to Our web site and feel free to share your comments below this. Others who are afraid to talk or come 

to our gruop may be encouraged by your words. Lets write about the Fears, Pain, Heartbreak, Mind, 

physical, need of Help!

You can sign up for daily DivorceCare reading to come to you by signing up at our blog/web or the one at 


Anyone out there in cyberland?


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