Grown up children support stuff!!!

A resource recommend by Robyn Besseman called Chained No More.
Here is her website for more details. Please read carefully or even call her to see if this would indeed be something for adult children. I’ve not viewed it personally, but she’s the real deal! – Dennis Rainey -800-358-6329 – James Dobson – 800-232-6459 – James Dobson – (See their Video channels and Solutions community)

Another good couple of books (still hope this one is in print)
The Ex Generation by Jen Abbas
Healing the Father Wound – Kathy Rodriquez

DivorceCare Personal Help Bookstore – Online bookstore of Church Initiative.

There are many titles to choose from. I know that you will find something that will fit your needs. They are grouped by categories such as…..
**Anger etc. <>

Group Picture …………………..Help for those hurting from Separation and Divorce…… here, on the “The SunPorch”, is a peaceful place where the local DivorceCare Support Group meets, where the pain can be shared and maybe even a bit relieved. There is lots of caring, sharing, information, encouragement & fellowship, just to help you to take care of Yourself. For more information go to luvcuddlecats Meeting Address is: 320 E. Howard St. Stowe, PA. 19464. Phone:610-326-6726 See you soon, OK? (back of house)


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