Those of you who took the Safe People class will probably recall that we “need relationship”, God made us for Relationship, not with only each other in a marriage! God made us part of “the spiritual Body” and it was noted that when we have lots of path-crossing Relationship exchange on the weekend, our Monday mornings are not BLUE BLAH MONDAYS! And this one tomorrow will not be.

We had some good relating this weekend. Friday night we just spur of the moment decided to go to the Douglassville Diner for salad bar.
Shortly after arrival we found Jay…eating by himself. We invited him to come to our table and visited until we were done desert! It was wonderful We had time to get to visit with him more.

Saturday morning we headed to the Vet, picked up meds, went for Star Bucks coffee, and headed out to That Pet Place in Centerville, with the dog. She wow-ed folks there with her “Prayer” stance! She can do what “Jango” on you tube does, (just search for the praying dog.) She is such a good dog. Then we got back on the road again and went to find Kelly. (She came Thursday nights all summer) She lives in a really neat old farm house in the farm hinterlands, among the Amish near Quarryville. It was an absolute delight to see her, make sure she was OK, well as OK as you can be in these circumstances… She was cleaning house in prep for company, so we helped. I did the sink of dishes, and Rick stuck wood matches in some holes and added bigger screws to put one of her doors hinges back in operation. It was a lovely visit of about two to three hours and we were back on the road again!

When we got home… Rick said, “That felt like a “date” we had today, I liked it!” I felt the same, and agreed with him! I decided to tell you-all about it because you all keep this distance like you don’t want to intrude on our “marriage”! Huh?! We love it! People… We might have each other, but that isn’t “all there is to life”. All relationships need a healthy mix of “other people” in their lives. We have met people who had no outside the marriage friends..let me tell, that’s NOT HEALTHY! We, Rick and I, get to talk everyday, and its very boring if we can’t say who we saw and what they had to say. We talk when we walk the dog, we talk when we meet up when I get home from work and while we eat…that is just about aplenty! After that, we do our own individual thing, work, internet, listen to radio sermons, speakers, programs, music, …sewing projects, stringing beads, all those things that need to be done, pet the cats, clean the house,… think about what God is teaching, showing and wanting us to do…and read those books too. Sometimes, that “other things” include “God’s little Interruptions, perhaps Relationship with You! It could be hearing you, encouraging you, sharing with you. We are well educated in how to take care of “our relationship” and still have time to include you. So please, don’t EVER again think that you are taking us away from “our time” together. We will manage that, you don’t need to! We aren’t that “in demand”! And if we were, we would go where we could not be found! We don’t have children, never did, so you can maybe see how that frees us up for the Need even, of other loving relationships.

Thank you Jay and Kelly for relationship this weekend!

Rick and DeEtta and in Kelly’s case, Heidi too!!!

Group Picture …………………..Help for those hurting from Separation and Divorce…… here, on the “The SunPorch”, is a peaceful place where the local DivorceCare Support Group meets, where the pain can be shared and maybe even a bit relieved. There is lots of caring, sharing, information, encouragement & fellowship, just to help you to take care of Yourself. For more information go to luvcuddlecats Meeting Address is: 320 E. Howard St. Stowe, PA. 19464. Phone:610-326-6726 See you soon, OK? (back of house)


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