One comment on “One Voice offers to Relieve the Pain,…

  1. The Enemy of our Soul is actively hosting his own party invite, served through temptation, to the humans of this World, to handle the Emotional pain other then the way Jesus did. This may help for a temporary moment. It is in fact “a” way to make loneliness go away. However, think about the ramifications. Solomon said, “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise” (Proverb 20:1). Alcohol is killing relationships! Look around the group you know. Whose marriage is ruined because of the spirits in this stuff, that a spouse would prefer over their mate and children? So, will we tout its use in our own suffering?Furthermore, some of us are fighting this very demon ourselves, Do we lead them astray in their own battle against addiction? Wine, is not a ‘friend’. It may be a medicine, it may even be a tool to relax, just as sugar soothes my soul through cake and ice cream, its sweetness on my tongue…for me this is an addiction that throws me into a perpetual need for more until the day is done. This is not good for my temple, it is not good for me to turn to this idol, but I do…and I confess this to you, not as a flag for recognition of my pain, but an admission that I too choose the wrong thing. What did Jesus do in his hour of tremendous agony? He went into the garden, (a pleasant place) and prayed and talked and cried out to His Father for mercy, that this cup be taken from him, if it could be, but if not…. go on, read… Mark 14:34- Jesus says, … “My anguish is so great that I feel as if I’m dying…” What else in that ‘hour’ do you think He said to the Father? Let’s look at Matthew 26:39…“My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.”
    This is the example Jesus set for us in which to deal with these our most painful issues. What was the Father’s answer to Jesus? What did Jesus do with God’s answer? Surely you know that Satan wants to take to his ultimate eternal unplanned goal, all that he can, He wants you to influence others for him, he wants Jesus to lose these He died for!
    We all fail, pick yourself up and chose whose side you will be on, and walk in it. Know this: Somebody is watching your example, your testimony, and how you play out your part in the war. If you fail, right it and move on. Jesus “paid” the price for that sin. [ ] God desires that we have no other “go-to” before Him. (Exodus 20:3) 3 “You shall have no other gods before[a] me. Another god is that which we turn to first before Him! People, I am guilty too of putting other gods before Him just like you, in the form of sugar. I will not offer this up to you as a “friend”, because it takes my eyes off of my Father God, and onto the solution I choose, as god. Lets turn to the Father and pray in the Name of Jesus, to the Father that He give us the strength to bear up under this horrible human, earthly pain we must bear. In Heaven there will be no more pain, Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever………



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