One comment on “The X-Cheater

  1. OK, I will tell you what I heard Jeffrey say: He pointed to God. In essence the message was that God brought him to his knees in tears, he had to learn about Gods love for him, he had to be brought him to rock bottom where he found a real relationship with the Lord and thus “peace and contentment”. Now he doesn’t have to party anymore, now he isn’t always looking for the next good time, now he isn’t hiding his real self and acting all nice around his wife to hide and make up for the guilt he was so stressed out by. He said he was praying as he walked out his wife’s door. Asking God for help. His wife suggested somewhere near the time of divorce actuality, that he go to church and so one day he did, and cried the whole service through. He said that God has taught him how to love and now he ‘loves’ his wife. He helps her with things around the house, the chores etc. He said. SHE KNOWS how to love! He also noted that his wife lived up to her vows… didn’t intend to date until the divorce papers were complete that until then she was “married”. He says that because she knows how to love, had she have dated before the divorce, she would have loved someone else and not been there for him. He says now they have a been relationship, they LOVE each other and discuss their differences. He says that an old friend saw him and said, so you have finally GROWN UP. He says that is it… he acted like a little boy before, playing all the time, not being responsible, not loving like God wants us to love! When they got married, he said, you make the plans and I’ll show up. When they renewed their vows, he planned to surprise her with a nice dinner out and didn’t just leave this up to her.



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