Practice His Presence!

Practice His Presence!

I really hate it when I am on the train and I realize I forgot one of my electronic devices still plugged in at home! As my eyes were drawn to the kindle plugged in under my purse, I said aloud, “Thank You!” Rick, who does NOT pay attention to everything I say said,
“Who are you talking to?”
Most of you know It would have been to easy to overlook as I grabbed my purse and rushed out the door.

One comment on “Practice His Presence!

  1. Just Wanted to share.

    Came across a phrase something like this which I’ve been pondering.

    Look for the beauty in the ashes of lost dreams..

    I interpret this as – Even though we’ve lost our dreams as we thought them to be, we must be patient and God will reveal the beauty of losing those dreams.



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