3 comments on “Which voice feels ‘SAFE’?

  1. Of course we know which one feels safe. I’d certainly rather be encouraged than condemned, rather be lifted up than swatted down.

    All too often, though, we can “hear” condemnation when someone is trying to speak encouragement to us, especially when the other “voice” is referring to something we are “feeling” guilty about. We are hearing through a “guilt-filter”, if you will. Look at the two lists again- if someone is speaking God’s truth to us, can it sound like condemnation? Why would that be the case?

    Let’s talk about it…


  2. I agree with you Rick. But I also think it is easier for us to “hear” the discouragement, condemnation, etc. Too many of us don’t think enough of ourselves to “hear” the good things about ourselves. We need to accept ourselves for who and what we are, see ourselves as God sees us, and be the person God wants us to be. Only then will Satan’s voice to drown out by God’s love and encouragement and the love and encouragement of the people around us. This is not an easy task. Many of us have grown up as children with little encouragement, little praise, and so much more harsh words and criticism. It is very sad.

    We need to believe in ourselves and the person that God has created. It will then be easier to believe that other people, and even God, can love us and praise us.

    Donna introduced us to this website at one of our Safe People groups. http://www.marcandangel.com I have fallen in love with it. The article that Donna referred us to was the 30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself. It was wonderful. And the website if full of encouraging, though provoking articles.


  3. And I agree with Angie, too. I’d call that a “self-esteem” filter.

    I mentioned the “guilt” filter, and Angie mentioned the “self-esteem” filter. Are there other “filters” that we hear through? What do you think? Give us some examples.



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