Safe People! What,… Who, … When, … How? ……..Where are they?

I have to tell you how I love to see people grow! It just blesses my heart and gives me so much pleasure. Facilitating a group wayyyy out does the one-on-one counseling thing, because one could spend a years worth of time, seventeen years worth of time (some of you know what I am talking about), with one person and never see them grow,… or “get it”. But, in a group, the chances are far better that one or more people will break out of ‘bondage’ and take off in growth! That saying “No Pain No Gain” has a great deal of meaning and truth… and In a “group”, I see it and I am blessed  every time!  Thanks to all of you who have come in regular attendance, loyal to yourselves, in giving yourself what you needed, (the oxygen mask!) first in this matter of the heart and soul, so that you could be a better person in the future, making better choices from what you have learned!

Stars go on the mental pictured papers of Holly, Bill, Denise, Paula, Latoya, Donna, Lavon, Kelly, Lee ann…… you-all echo the lessons to one another now, teach each other,… sharpen and thus love one another… it is such a Beautiful thing! This is truly something worth calling “awesome”!  I think Jesus smiles down at you-all in your struggles and thanks the Father for drawling you to Him, through your pain. We hate the pain, but look what it has opened up for you & is teaching you! I see freedom in your footsteps, I hear His love speaking out… Love for yourself and others in the group!

Feel free to use this slate to remind each other what you learned and to call the others to this place when the events unfold that remind you what you learned. Use this even as a spot to post your favorite lessons learned so that when the memory fades you can return to freshen it, and others who didn’t catch the class of teachings, can learn from your words here below;

2 comments on “Safe People! What,… Who, … When, … How? ……..Where are they?

  1. Just an FYI, I tried commenting on the divorce care email and it said closed. Well here my post – if you haven’t signed up to receive do it right away it’s great……



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