SELF INVENTORY: What did I contribute to the failure of this marriage?

I have sought out some web addresses from which you can assess your contributions by learning some things about yourself. Only when you do this work with paper and pen/pencil, all of it, will you have a better view of who you were in the relationship, how your actions or in-actions affected the relationship, or better said, what you did or neglected to do, (sins of commission or omission, Rick says!) will you be able to correct your future choices much better. As it was said in the meeting. Where was the education for relationship when we were growing up? Some of you got a class of car driving lessons! But no one got “RELATIONAL” directions. You are not dead yet! Now is the time to get those lessons. I have a class on “SAFE PEOPLE” I would love to provide for you if enough people express an interest to me, via email or in person. Go over to the side bar and ferret out  the following:





One comment on “SELF INVENTORY: What did I contribute to the failure of this marriage?

  1. I like Ricks reference to sins of omission. Sometimes in my marriage I felt like I was too trusting (which was taken for granted) and then sometimes I felt like I wasn’t trusting at all. How can this be both ways? Is it because you trust, trust, and trust- then realize what your trusting is not real and true. Also, In searching for self inventory,I across an article of being attracted to toxic men (not that all men are toxic), Wow does that describe me. Safe people class – can’t wait – I guess it’s not to late………



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