Front Picture on your Workbook

Did anyone do the assignment that asked what the picture on the front of your workbook says to you? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts now, because in about seven more weeks I will ask if your viewpoint has changed. Please tell us what it says to you and each person may have a different view…… would love it if you shared your thoughts from group for Matt!

3 comments on “Front Picture on your Workbook

  1. Hi everyone. I’ve miss being part of the group and getting so much support and empathy durring our meetings. I really would love to hear what you all talked about regarding the front cover? Here are my thoughts: The first thing that comes to mind is it’s a lonely setting. There is an empty bench and no body sitting there. The next thing that I think is that it seems peaceful and somehow warm. It looks like a place that someone would want to be, and where you could be content to just ponder life and what it all means.

    I’ve been doing well since I’ve seen you all, but there are still very hard moments. This weekend was good, and I’m thankful for good friends and family. They don’t replace the love of a spouse, but they make the pain bearable and have given me encouragement that things someday will be better again.

    I’m Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!


  2. Yes Matt, we will be glad to see you on Thursday. You have been missed. The front cover subject was very interesting, perhaps we might have a review (hint – lol)


  3. Matt!!! I had the same first thoughts… loneliness… I think that is just the place that I am at right now. I am working through it. I agree with you 100%… friends and family are a wonderful support system and they want to help, but it doesn’t “replace” the hole that is left. But it is getting easier. I pray about it often.



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