What’s Your “Temper-ature”?

Probably, at this point, you deal with some anger- maybe a lot of it. But, as we saw in the video series, its okay to be angry; what’s important is how we express our anger. Many of us shared some experiences with our anger. We saw some examples of expressing anger in unhealthy, un-helpful ways, from the “rage-aholic”, to the passive, silent treatment. Hopefully, you identified ways you can better handle your anger. We don’t want our anger, and the expressions of our anger, to further harm us, and thereby hurt others that we care about.
Please, bust open your workbook- check out the “On My Own” section in the Anger chapter. You’ll see how much hope there is for you.
What are you thinking today? Have you seen some effects of your anger on yourself and perhaps others? Are you contemplating some sort of revenge? Where are you going to get the “power” you need to resist?
If you can, use this post to begin “journaling”. What are some of the ways you might have been helped after viewing the video and participating in the discussion. Please remember, too, as I pointed out in an earlier post, you’re not just receiving from the group, you’re contributing, too.


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One comment on “What’s Your “Temper-ature”?

  1. It’s midway between the last meeting and this week’s. What are you thinking about your anger? Is the “About Me” section stirring up anything?



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