6 comments on “What’s God Doing?

  1. Ahhh-haa!
    Very interesting question.
    I love conversations of this nature. I have questioned too and that is how you find answers.
    God is the author of “love”. 1st Corinthians 13:4 describes Love is……. I will leave it to you to look it up.
    Apparently in God’s Heaven world, his angels had some degree of ‘choice’ and a group with a leader decided to ‘rebel’ against God’s authority.
    Satan wanted to be the Top dog! God threw him out of heaven with all of his teammates and sent them to earth’s world.

    When God created man in His image for more relationships, He, it is understood, determined that to be “loved by His creations”, truly loved that is, it would be best not to make robots of the created beings but give the beings the option to “chose”. If his created beings chose to love him, it was really sacrificial unconditional Love, not robotically programmed “love”. God wanted that… the best kind of love to be had. I believe that the angels are some kind of programmed, although that line of belief doesn’t exactly explain then how satan desired and sought to over throw God perhaps. Read Isaiah chapter 14 verse 12.

    All this said, We the “creations” are with ‘choice’. Albeit only two choices. We are influenced and propelled forward under one of two energies… either “Love’s” energy, or the energy of the polar opposite of Love which is ‘Selfishness’, hatred, conditional relationship, disharmony, discord, restlessness, jealousy, strife, fighting, envy, disobedience, malice, 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 1… and seeRomans 1:29 greed, depravity, murder deceit, malice….. see Galations 5:19 drunkeness, sexual immorality, impurity, debauchery, witchcraft,…….
    Now that said. You have suffered the pain of someones behavior that is clearly NOT ‘ruled and rooted and grown out of “love”. Your pain is at the cost of someone sinning and hurting you.
    God will NOT control or manipulate that person to turn them from hurting you. He has given that person “free-will or ‘choice'” to serve out their term of life as we know it, for whatever time God allows that person to exist on this planet. God hurts to see you hurt. But He will not interfere with anyone’s choice. So, when we pray for the prodigal spouse, (read about the prodigal son) the pray makes ‘waves’ in the unseen spiritual world…i.e. God can part the waves of evil enough to give your spouse perhaps the ‘sight’ to see that she is evil-influenced and on her way to the graduation of that choice. If she chooses not to change, or see… or desire a different outcome, nothing will change. Our prayers DO have power through Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit… in the life events, spiritual sights, and mental ear hearing of spiritual things of that person’s life. What they Chose, only that person, your wife, has the power over. Not God, not You, Not me, no one can change her Will. She has choice. She has whether knowingly or unknowingly chosen the paths she has taken.

    Are you able to follow this?
    God Is not to blame for the Bad things that happen. He has allowed Good and Evil to have activity on this earth.
    Only Good and loving acts are of God… However, He does at times destroy Evil doing! There are times in the History, like Noah and the Ark, where so many People were so full of Evil doings.. That God Destroyed everything in hope of giving Good and Loving activities precedence. However, He felt terrible about it afterwards and promised mankind He would never do it again. God allows things to ‘wake’ our Souls/Spirits to higher calling, to chisel at the parts of us that need to be shaped into a better character… especially if we have “chosen” to be in His army.

    I thought I heard you say that this situation has affected your “faith”. That would lead me to believe you had some. If that is the case, then God is allowing pain in your life because it is going to build your character. It is going to shape you.

    In twelve step programs they have a saying. “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”
    This is true in every case. Your dentist hurts your mouth when he works on re-shaping a cavity spot.

    I read a lot. I read of a girl about to enter College. She was with her mom in a terrible car crash. She was so broken and injured that the physicians asked the parents to call a DNR on her. (Do not resuscitate) The Mom refused. The girl after being healed and going through tremendous pain, changed her choice for college and became a surgeon instead of what she had chosen in the first place. I am sure she was a good physician for having experienced pain and the care that was given her. Not only that she was exposed to a ‘field’ that she never knew before.

    I understand your questions, I was there too one time. But life and lots and lots of pain have taught me a lot of things I never would have know.

    God never promised anyway a Rose Garden after the “Fall” of man.. into choosing what they did in the garden of EDEN.

    oK.. I AM DONE!
    I promise I will not hound you with this subject.
    Just wanted to answer the question.


  2. Hi guys. Wow DeEtta, good answer!! I am constantly forced to look at these questions. I, in short, think that God does not “cause” these things to happen nor do I think all evil comes from decisions that man makes (other than the decisions made in the Garden). I do not think it is possible to tell the intentions of God in our lives….was my husband leaving God’s way of removing me from a bad situation? Was it an evil choice of my husband’s? Clearly, we were both out of the will of God on some points…but aren’t we all? I also don’t think it is our place to judge. Because: “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”. I think we tend to analyze too much and place blame too much. Yes, it is important to be able to discern good from bad…but we should never ever get into a place where we are saying “I would never do that”.

    That being said…My husband left suddenly (or so I thought) 4 years ago. Throughout that time, I have been in some of the darkest places in my life. I was even hospitalized for a short time. I held on to Romans 8:28 ” And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who and have been called according to his purpose” (NIV). Most of the time, I was asking “O.k. God…where is the “good !? I have tried to make right, Godly decisions and have seen the ungodly prosper…when do I start seeing good happening?!” Don’t get me wrong, I have seen God’s faithfulness through this whole thing. Especially in friends who have helped along the way (special thanks for Divorce Care!) and am probably still here because of them. I am so thankful!

    Soon after the X left, I started attending college. I knew that I needed some kind of job skills to be able to survive. I will graduate soon with a BS in Psychology and hoped to go on to get a Master’s so that I could councel people. Recently, I decided that pursuing a master’s would not be possible. I said, “Lord! What are you doing? I want to help people and know I can, but to do that professionally, I need a degree!” So, I figured that I would help people who I met in life…not professionally. I even tried to start a support group with no success….until I told my couselor about it…She gave my proposal to her boss and he loved the idea. He said that I would have to go to training to be a Certified Peer Specialist and then I could run a support group at his facility! This will open so many doors for me!! I will be able to use all of my experience helping people and there is hope of full time employment in the future! I guess He did have a plan for me!!

    So, to answer your question, “Credit or blame?”, I think that this isn’t the important thing. What is important to focus on is to keep seeking His will, making the best decisions you can and above all…Don’t Give Up!! If you give up, you won’t have a chance to see Him work and fulfill His promisses! If I hadn’t gone through all of that, I would not have been able to help people nearly as much as I can now. It’s all Him and only He knows the future and past. 🙂


  3. I don’t believe God hurts us or puts us in hurtful situations. Have I always believed this and never struggled with this same question? No. When my Mom died of cancer 14 years ago I questioned God at every level. We are all human and he made us with free will to make decisions about our lives. Has it been our decisions, someone elses decisions, life circumstances, illnesses etc that have brought us to where we are?? There are so many forces working in our lives, good and bad. I choose to believe that God wants nothing but good for us and he will use all of our life circumstances to shape us and mold us into the person we are meant to be. I still believe that God brought my husband and I together and we were soulmates. I still believe we were meant to be together forever. But I cannot control my husband’s decisions about his life. He has chosen sin. Neither I nor God has made that decision for him. My husband is the one that has decided that our marriage and I are not a high priority in his life and worth saving. Evil and Satan are still active forces on our human lives.

    I don’t believe that God made my husband choose to bury his feelings, emotions, anger, and everything else throughout his life and our marriage. God did not tell him to sin against me. God did not tell him to cheat and lie to me. I don’t believe that God felt I “needed this hurt in my life”. But I have to live with my husband’s decisions and God is helping me to work through the hurt and the anger. I can honestly say that I have begun to see the good that is coming out of my life and this road that I am traveling. It is not the road that I chose for myself, but my strength, my Faith, my self confidence are all growing. When I made the decision to leave and put it into God’s hands…. a lot of good things started to happen and “fall perfectly” into place (so to speak). Is my life easy? No. Am I still hurting and recovering, yes. And will be for a long time. I am making new friends and truly allowing myself to be “me”. I am not pretending or trying to fit into situations to “make my husband” happy. I am realizing that I had changed who I was, what I wanted from life and hidden my Faith to try to save my marriage and make my husband happy. But nothing I could have done would “make him happy”. He does not know true happiness or love. He is searching for something he himself doesn’t even know will make him happy.

    Don’t give up. Stay strong. God will bring you through it.


  4. I believe God has a path for each one of us – Good and Bad. I feel the Bad is to make us stronger and better in the end and to draw us closer to him.



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