Good Day Tuesday to all of you!

Burrr, it is chilly out there! But I like it. You can certainly bundle up and keep warm in winter… summer… there is only so much you can take off and not be risqué! I’ll take it cold!

I think Kimberly needs some encouragement to write her story. She is looking back and seeing a lot of things falling into place that she didn’t see  didn’t even see it coming.  Now it fits and well… I’ll let her tell her story!Come on Kim… when did you start to notice that something was not quite copacetic in your home world?

Is anyone doing their homework? It is made very easy for you. You dodn’t even have to dig a Bible out, the verses are in italics already for you. How do you see God touching you in this situation? 


One comment on “Good Day Tuesday to all of you!

  1. Doing the homework helps! Not only does it bring you closer to God it teaches you how to deal with the pain and despair of our situations. It also leads us to well needed healing. The homework gives great encouragement that you will get threw this. We will survive and Gods promises tell us that. Do a question a day or do 2 days at once or take a day and do all the questions for that chapter. Whatever you choose it will help. The new workbook is much better than the old one. I realize sometimes it is hard with everything that you are going threw to sit down and do the homework but try and force yourself if you can even if you only do one or 3 of the questions per chapter. Once you start it will make you feel better and will help with the healing…..

    So Dee maybe throwing a question or two on the blog that we can answer may get some of us rolling what do you think?



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